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Not exactly an update

I feel way more sorry for leaving this story hanging than I did the first time. Hmm, where should I start? First thing first, I wanted to enjoy the Holidays with my family, but spending a day with my family means dealing with all the chaos my family is known for. As a result, in the month of December I wrote nothing because there were just a lot of things to take care of at home. I actually wrote chapter 6 the second week of January but had to erase it all because a huge, HUGE, idea hit me. I don't know about you guys but I luve he angst in stories and the cliffhangers that leaves you wanting more. My HUGE idea (that's what I'm calling it from now on) is, in two words, a unfairdisaster</i>. :) A lot of authors make me suffer with their stories because they feel so real and I wanted to try and do the same thing - not making you suffer, really, well... - and bring you real feels with this fic. I just hope I can live to your and my own expectations, guys. I'll be re-writing chapter six this week so wish me a lot of luck, please. :)

In other news, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know it's a little bit late but you guys are awesome, you deserve a great 2013! Also, the GIRLS and the BOYS are back! Don't forget to share the love and listen to both albums because, really, these guys are THE BEST. ;)
Title: It's you: My lost and found fated love.
Chapter: Five
Pairing : Yonghwa & Seohyun (YongSeo)
Genre: (AU) Romance and angst.
Rating: T
Summary: What would have happened if Seohyun had never joined the entertainment industry. Yonghwa and Seohyun found and lost each other once. A second chance is all they have in their side. And fate.

Chapter Five:


She fell on her back with him on top of her, both of them trying to catch their breath after a three hours marathon of love-making. A blissfully sighed escaped her mouth. With her eyes closed, she managed to form a wide smile even though every muscle on her body ached. There wasn't any part left of her her husband hadn't kissed. Every part of her body had been very well loved tonight, as well as the first two weeks they married.

"I'm dead," he said, laying by his wife side with one arm dropped over his forehead. He was still trying to catch his breath when, suddenly, he felt her moving on top of him. Again.

"No, love," he complained, but didn't do anything to move her off of him. His body liked too much his wife's body. He was exhausted - too exhausted - but his body betrayed him once again when his lower part felt his wife's legs wrapped about his waist.

"Love, maybe we should--" he tried to explain nicely to his wife that as much as he loved her, and what they've been married for the past fourteen days, his body needed some rest to recover if she wanted him to perform and do well tomorrow at the ceremony they've been invited to. But his wife had other plans for both of them right at that moment, clearly.

"I want a baby," his wife said out of nowhere. He blinked once, twice.

"What?" He asked, dumbfounded. Had the baby request really come from his wife's mouth?

"A baby," she said, a smile playing of her lips and in her deep and dark brown eyes. "I want a baby. I want a baby so badly, I..." His wife continued but he heard nothing. The only word stuck on his mind was the word 'baby' and the thought of having one at twenty six years old, for God's sake. He wasn't ready yet. His band had just made it big worlwide. How in the world was he going to raise a baby when he was out of the country most of the time?



Seo Joo hyun opened her eyes and blinked. The ceiling of her room wasn't bright pink. She frowned before sitting down on bed. She cried out loud when she saw the rest of her room.

There were pink things.


Pink things everywhere.

Joohyun gasped and clutched the sheet to her chest. This wasn't her room. And then it all came down to her. Seo Ann-ah. The EC ceremony. SNSD. That man: Jung Yonghwa. This was Seo Ann-ah's room. She remembered last night, of course, but she thought it was all a nightmare. A big and ugly nightmare, she decided.

A knock interrupted her thoughts.

"Come in!" She called, quickly straightening her long hair with her fingers. Yuri appeared at the doorway of the room. She was wearing black yoga pants and a matching tank top. Her hair was tight in a ponytail. She looked like she'd just run a marathon. Yuri waved her hand and walked to where Joohyun was.

"How did you sleep?" Yuri asked, sitting in the corner of the bed. Joohyun cleared off her throat before speaking.

"I slept well, unnie," she answered, thanking God Yuri hadn't heard her scream.

"After last night, I thought you wouldn't," Yuri was looking at her suspiciously, Joohyun noticed. She gave an absurd laugh, trying not to get nervous in front of the older girl. Seo Ann-ah's manager told her that nobody, besides him, the scouts who found her and the president of the company, knew about her real identity. Yuri couldn't possible know the truth.

"Last night?" Asked Joohyun, prettily, faking an innocent tone in her voice.

"The ceremony and the after party we and CNBLUE attended," Yuri said, narrowing her eyes at her and pronouncing the name of the band louder. Joohyun managed to shake her head. Of course, Yuri was talking about Jung Yonghwa, the leader of the rockie band CNBLUE.

"Nothing happened. We didn't talk after that,"  Joohyun lied. Of course they've 'talked'. He had sent her messages at the after party, asking her if she was OK, asking if her unnies hadn't been upset with her at the bathroom incident.  but she hadn't answered none of them. She didn't know what to respond anyway. She didn't even know how to use Seo Ann-ah's out-of-this-world phone!

"Good," Yuri said, moving off the bed to stand on her feet. She crossed her arms and sighed. "Anna, you can't meet him ever again. You can't even talk to him," Yuri said, her voice sounded sad and for the first time since she came to replace Seo Ann-ah, Joohyun wanted to comfort someone from the popular Girls' Generation group.

"If anyone discovers whatever relationship you have with that guy, it'll affect the group. We'll be all affected and the president could the group," Yuri continued, "We've worked hard even before our debut. So please, I'm asking you, don't see that guy. Stop, put an end to that relationship."

Yuri left the room without another word. Joohyun was still thinking about what Yuri had told her. Was Anna and Jung Yonghwa's friendship so wrong? Why? She wished Anna's manager had told her more about Anna's life. Everything.

The pink room still scared Joohyun, but she had to change clothes. She went to the big wardrobe to pick some clothes and was left speechless when she opened the door of the furtniture. Clothes. Thousands of clothes were perfectly hanging in there. Joohyun looked down and found shoes, every kind of shoes in the world, in Anna's warddrove. But the girl was rich! All of the girls in the group must be, Joohyun thought while picking up a simple and white blouse. She picked jeans, skinny an black jeans, although she was dying to wear something more comfortable, something that wouldn't show her body's figure. She felt shy in that mini dress at the ceremony yesterday and she felt even shyer wearing the tight jeans now.

But this was her life now. For how many days, though? Joohyun prayed she only had to stay here for less than a week. She missed her home, her ill mother and---

She had seven missed calls.

Joohyun pressed her fingers in the phone screen, patiently learning how the thing worked. She managed to open three voice mails from Seo Ann-ah.

"Are you having fun in my life?" Followed by a chuckle of Anna.

"Your mother is crazy. But you probably know that already."

"Don't let anyone know our secret."

Seo Ann-ah had left those messages in the phone. Joohyun sigued. Her poor mother. Had she noticed the changed? Had she discovered the secret? Probably not, Joohyun thought. Her mother was too ill, too much living in a lost world after her father abandoned both of them, to discover her and Anna's secret. The manager had promised to send a nurse to Joohyun's house to take care of her mother. She shouldn't be worried but she was anyway. She couldn't help it.

Joohyun clicked in the other voice mails and gasped when she recognized the owner of the soft yet strong voice.

Did you arrive home safely? I was worried the whole night and morning. I'm sorry, I never meant to cause trouble between you and your sisters. Please, forgive me. I don't know what to do. Should I go and apologize? Probably no. The media is always wacthing you. I want to apologize to your sisters. And I want to talk to you. I need to talk to you. Please. Let's meet. Someday, somewhere, anywhere. I need to talk to you, know you... Please. Don't break my heart and say 'yes'.
It was Jung Yonghwa's message. She didn't understand what was going on in Anna's life, but there was only one thing clear in Joohyun's mind. Jung Yonghwa and Seo Ann-ah weren't friends. Friends didn't talk with that desperate tone to each other. They weren't friends, Joohyun knew that when Yonghwa said that he wanted to know her. Not her but Seo Ann-ah, the real Seo Ann-ah. This guy wasn't her friend. This guy was in love with her.


Author's Note:

So, today I learned that it had been seven months, SEVEN MONTHS, since the time I last updated. CRAZY! I never meant to abandon this story but life always gets in the way whenever I write. A lot of things happened in my life in these last seven months, bad and good. I'm still learning how to become a better writer. Today, I received some news that broke my heart. Nothing is really wrong and it has nothing to do with my family either, but I my heart feels empty right now. Broken. A lot of people, friends, were cheering me up today. I had to specially thank Maine Mallillin (on twitter) because she was the one who made me remember about this story. She told me that she's been checking my updates ever since I updated chapter four seven months ago. That was the sweetest thing I've heard in this bad day! Her messages cheered me up, made me smile and gave me hope. This chapter is dedicated to her, for patiently waiting for an update.

Can you guys guess who is the married couple at the start of this chapter? ;p

I hope you guys enjoy this chapter! I'm startting chapter six tomorrow so look forward for an update next week! ;)
Title: It's you: My lost and found fated love.
Chapter: Four
Pairing : Yonghwa & Seohyun (YongSeo)
Genre: (AU) Romance and angst.
Rating: G
Summary: What would have happened if Seohyun had never joined the entertainment industry. Yonghwa and Seohyun found and lost each other once. A second chance is all they have in their side. And fate.

Chapter Four:

SEO JOOHYUN WAS LISTENING TO CNBLUE for the first time. She was so nervous, she arrived at the ceremony shaking badly. Two of the SNSD girls asked her if she was alright. She lied, of course. She couldn't even look at them at the eyes, she was afraid they'll notice the difference between she and Seo Ann-ah. In the car, she looked everywhere else to avoid eye contact with SNSD. She managed to calm down in the way to the ceremony, but once she arrived her body started shaking again.

Oh Seo Joohyun, what have you gotten yourself into? She herself wondered.

When she and SNSD arrived at the ceremony she felt even more nervous. Flashes started blinding her eyes. She looked down all the time when they were on the red carpet. Her body was all nerves and tension, she didn't think she'll go through this night without messing things up. 

Seo Joohyun went- no, she flew to the table the cordi-unnie told the girls to go. She run as fast as the dress could let her run, moving like a clumsy football player in a field being chased by some bulls. She sat on the seat that had Seo Ann-ah's name on and let out a long sigh. When she looked up she saw SNSD looking down at her...weirdly

Even while sitting, Seo Joohyun couldn't calm down. The cameras were still flashing at SNSD, which meant she got flashed at, too. Minutes passed before someone announced a band was going to perform live for the ceremony. Seo Joohyun finally relaxed then.

Only a little bit.

A band playing live meant the cameras will focused on them, and not actually in the guests. She let out a long breath, which earned her a look from Yuri and Yoona, who were just sitting next to her right.

"Bored already?" Seo Joohyun turned to her right and found Yuri looking everywhere else, with a smile, but her. "Can't you at least bear it for two more hours? This ceremony might not be important for you, but it is for the rest of us." Continued Yuri. Seo Joohyun didn't know what Yuri meant, she wanted to tell her she was not feeling good, which was true, but then Yuri started a conversation with Yoona. Seo Joohyun looked at the rest of SNSD, all of them engrossed in a conversation with each other, all of them except for her. Seo Joohyun was graceful none of them suspected anything, but she felt sad no one was speaking to her. Seo Joohyun bit her lips. This was good. The girls weren't talking to her.

Yes, this is good, thought Seo Joohyun.

No, it wasn't good. Seo Joohyun had mixed emotions about this whole situation.

If they only knew who I am..., came a thought across Seo Joohyun's mind.

She had accepted SM's scouts offer of playing SNSD's Seo Ann-ah for this ceremony. Seo Joohyun didn't know that much about the entertainment world. She only knew about two to three idol groups. One of them were the girls of SNSD, but that was because her friends have been telling her, ever since SNSD debuted two years ago, that she looked like the youngest girl of the group: Seo Ann-ah.

Seo Joohyun didn't think so, of course, but somehow, whenever she had free time, she'll use a computer from the library to search for Seo Ann-ah. The thing was, Seo Joohyun didn't think Seo Ann-ah and she looked alike. She didn't think so until she came to this ceremony as SNSD's Seo Ann-ah. Seo Joohyun had no doubts anymore: She and Seo Ann-ah looked like twins. The only difference was that Seo Ann-ah had makeup on her face all the time and was also seeing wearing designer's clothes. Whereas Seo Joohyun had never used, not even once in her life, makeup before. Her clothes were simple dresses she liked to use very much. 

Indeed, the only difference between Seo Ann-ah and Seo Joohyun was that one worked in the entertainment world, while the other worked in store of fruits and vegetables. It was truly a miracle nobody else besides her friends have noticed she looked like Seo Ann-ah. But that was until the scouts of SM had found her on the park. They did notice she looked like the girl of the famous girl-groups everyone talked about. 

"Thank God we found you first," Had told her the woman, the scout, working for SM when they were in the car on their way with Seo Joohyun to SM's building. Seo Joohyun had already accepted their offer. She was gonna get five hundred dollars if she posed as SNSD's Seo Ann-ah tonight. 

"I can't even imagine what would have happened if others, working for the entertainment industry, would have find you before us." Seo Joohyun didn't know what that meant. Was she some kind of threat for SM? If so, why were these people recruiting her? Where was Seo Ann-ah? Seo Joohyun wondered.

Once they arrived, they went immediately to SNSD's dressing room. One of the men with them went first into the room. A minute after, he came out of the room.

"They're not here." He said, shaking his head and allowing Seo Joohyun and the other man and woman to enter SNSD's room. 

Once inside, the woman stood in front of Seo Joohyun, staring at her without even blinking. Seo Joohyun thought this woman had some kind of power she emitted through her eyes, because she felt like fainting there and then.

"You just look like her." Spoke the woman after some minutes, still staring at Seo Joohyun. She made Seo Joohyun sit in one of the seats available in the room. 

"You must leave us alone, I'm going to turn this young lady into the real Seo Ann-ah" Seo Joohyun looked up at the woman and the two men nodding with their heads. Seo Joohyun finally had the guts to speak once the two men left the room.

"I have a question." She said. "Where is Seo Ann-ah?" The woman hesitated before answering to Seo Joohyun. She looked like she didn't want to give extra information about Seo Ann-ah whereabouts, but at the end she did it.

"She's in SNSD's dorm." 

"What? Is she sick?" Asked Seo Joohyun. 

"It's a really long story, but since you agreed to play her role for tonight, I might as well give you at least one reason why she's not here." The woman went to sit by Seo Joohyun's side, struggling for some minutes before giving her an answer.

"Someone is following her. We don't know yet who that person might be, but we believe it must be someone from the entertainment industry, and even someone from this company, who's after her. They don't want money or any kind of recognition, this person wants her, as in the kidnap-and-keep way." 

"Why would someone do that?" Asked Seo Joohyun, her face had gone pale the second this woman started telling the reason behind why Seo Ann-ah was not here.

"That's the thing, we don't know why this person wants to keep her. She's been getting letters from the same person, telling her that he or she wants to meet her in person. She freaked out and begged us not to let her attend today's ceremony. She thought this person might appear tonight and..."

"Hurt her." Finished the sentence Seo Joohyun. The woman started speaking but before she could pronounce another word, Seo Joohyun spoke.

"It's okay. I understand." Said Seo Joohyun, smiling a bit. "You're protecting her." The woman nodded, not once taking her eyes off Seo Joohyun. This girl is really brave, thought the woman when Seo Joohyun told her she was going to play Seo Ann-ah. She saw determination in Joohyun's eyes. And also fear.

"There'll be body guardians with you through this night. They'll make sure no one gets close to you." Spoke the woman, trying to calm down Seo Joohyun's fear. If only that was simple.

"I'll do it. I have already agreed to pose as Seo Ann-ah for tonight's event. But...I have a request."

The woman with her wasn't ready for Seo Joohyun's request. She told her this request would be impossible to accomplish, but at the end Seo Joohyun convinced her. The woman made some phone calls and let out a long sigh when she made one last call.

"You're lucky." The woman told Seo Joohyun, smiling and shaking her head when she saw Seo Joohyun's face light up. "She accepted your request."

And so here she was, Seo Joohyun had made it to the ceremony, nervous but safe so far, no incidents or accidents have happened.

One of the staff preparing the stage for CNBLUE called the members of the band to come up at the stage. This ceremony was going to be broadcasted live, but SNSD's manager have told her and the girls they were on a break of 15 minutes before the broadcasting started again. Seo Joohyun saw the guests moving around from one table to the other, greeting everyone. So far, nobody had come to SNSD's table. 

Seo Joohyun felt something fell in her folded hands that were resting on her thighs. Before she had the time to look what was it that had fallen on her, someone brushed her bare arm. Seo Joohyun looked up to see who it was and found no one except for four man walking to the stage.


Seo Joohyun kept looking around to see who had left this piece of paper. There was no one around her, though. She took the piece of folded paper in her hands and opened it. Amazingly, the was something written on this paper.

'Hello, it's me, Jung Yonghwa.'

Seo Joohyun frowned and read what was written on the piece of paper again. And again. And again. 

Who was this Jung Yonghwa? Was this paper for her? Or had it accidentally fell on her hands?

"What do you have there?" Seo Joohyun was still numb when Yuri had spoken to her, she turned around to look at her but was distracted when she felt the piece of paper gone from her hands. It was now on Yuri's hands.

"I found it---"

"What the...." Yuri almost swore immediately. She elbowed Yoona, who was immersed in a conversation with Sunny and Taeyeon, and showed her the piece of paper of Seo Joohyun.

"What is this?" Yoona asked after reading the paper. Seo Joohyun tried to speak but then Yoona passed the paper to Taeyeon and Sunny. At the end, the paper went through all of SNSD's hands.

"The nerve of the man!" Shouted Jessica, the last one on reading the piece of paper. Seo Joohyun wanted to hide under the table. She had no idea why they were making such a fuss, the paper was probably not meant for her. She didn't even know the guy who had written on the paper.

"Anna, what is this? Were you planning to meet him? Here! Of all the places in---"

"No." Seo Joohyun cut off Jessica. "Umm, unnie." Seo Joohyun remembered what the scouts had taught her. She had to call the rest of the girls unnie, otherwise they'll discover her secret. "It fell on my hands. That piece of paper fell on my hands---"

"When he passed by you while going to the stage!" Whispered Sooyoung. Seo Joohyun followed Sooyoung's gaze that ended up on the stage where the band was getting ready to perform. Seo Joohyun's eyes fell on the man adjusting the mic and looking at this table where all the girls were seating. His gaze then fell on Seo Joohyun. For a few seconds, they both held each other's gazes, it was he who broke their eye contact but not before flashing Seo Joohyun's a timid smile.

It was him.

That was Jung Yonghwa....

"He even dares to smile at you in front of everyone." Jessica frowned and gave Seo Joohyun one cautious look. "Are you hiding something?" 

"No!" Seo Joohyun answered quickly. She couldn't understand why all the girls were against her. They were supposed to be a family, that was what Seo Joohyun had read in magazines when the girls talked about the youngest girl of the group, that she was like a little sister to them, one they loved so much.

"Let's just wait until the performance is over. We'll talk. You, us and him." Said Taeyeon pointing with her eyes at where Jung Yonghwa was. 

Seo Joohyun was confused. The girls had all gone mad when they found out Jung Yonghwa's message for her. Was it really for her? She wondered. If it was, then that meant he and Seo Ann-ah knew each other, which meant they were friends, but SNSD didn't like him, that's what she understood when CNBLUE started their performance and all of the girls were giving him, Jung Yonghwa, their hardest stare.

Seo Joohyun got lost in the music and song the band was playing. She was listening to CNBLUE for the first time in her life. She suddenly wondered why she hadn't done so before. The band was great. Beyond great. She didn't know anything about music, but she didn't need to. Her ears liked what they were listening. Her heart felt a little excited through the two songs the band played. Seo Joohyun even clapped after CNBLUE ended their perform. This earned a look from SNSD, who did not like one bit Seo Joohyun's reaction.

"I have to go to the bathroom." Seo Joohyun announced after a while. The girls hadn't forgotten the incident of the paper, for now they were just letting it go because the media was here, too. They were searching for scandals, and the message in the paper was just the perfect scandal.

Seo Joohyun went to the bathroom, the unnie manager of the girls tried to go with her, but Seo Joohyun told her it was okay. She was okay going to the restroom alone.

But it was not okay, because when she arrived at the restrooms, she found Jung Yonghwa exiting the men's bathroom. 

Uh, oh.

They both froze in place, staring at each other's eyes as if they had all the time in the world to do so. 

"Hi" It was him, Jung Yonghwa, who spoke first. Seo Joohyun forgot she could also speak. She tried to look elsewhere, but it was impossible. Jung Yonghwa was smiling kindly at her. She couldn't possible pass by him and do as if they hadn't met at all. Maybe Seo Ann-ah and him were friends. Maybe they had a friendship the girls of SNSD didn't approve of. Really, she should have asked more questions about Seo Ann-ah's social life before deciding to pose as her.

"I'm sorry for the note." Continued Jung Yonghwa. Seo Joohyun hadn't noticed it at first, but they were now standing in front of each other.He had gotten close to her. "I just wanted to say hi..." Seo Joohyun could only nod. She was afraid of messing things up. Jung Yonghwa seemed like a person close to Seo Ann-ah.

"It's okay." Finally Seo Joohyun spoke. She wasn't expecting to find him here. She wasn't expecting to find him after all. Jung Yonghwa smiled and it struck Seo Joohyun he had one of the most bright smiles. She smiled when he smiled. She hadn't meant to but it was nearly impossible not to take notice of his smile. His cheeks burst when he smiled and she liked it.

"I...my unnies..."

"Oh no, they read the paper?" Asked Jung Yonghwa, his eyes widened when Seo Joohyun nodded. 

"I'm sorry." Now it was Seo Joohyun the one apologizing. She didn't know what else to tell Jung Yonghwa. If he and Seo Ann-ah were indeed friends, she could mess up their friendship.

"I guess I took a risk in sending you that paper." He said. "But I just needed to talk to you." The way he said it, made it look as if he was hurting. His eyes had lose the spark of before, he was not smiling anymore. Seo Joohyun felt sad. He shouldn't lose his smiles because of her. 

It's not me, she told herself, it's not for me he feels sad about.

"I wanted to meet up with you a long time ago, but it wasn't possible. I'm glad you're here talking to me now." Jung Yonghwa confessed. He looked hopeful, as if he really was glad he was talking to her: Seo Ann-ah.

"Can we meet....again?" Jung Yonghwa asked, making Seo Joohyun speechless. Seo Ann-ah and him were really friends if he was asking her to meet again. Seo Joohyun couldn't say no, but if she said yes then maybe Seo Ann-ah won't make it in time to meet with him because of her busy schedule. Seo Joohyun had a conflict, one that ended when the girls of SNSD entered the wall where she and Jung Yonghwa were.

"I knew it," it was Jessica, who marched up to where they both were. Taking Seo Joohyun by her wrist she said "Anna, let's go."

"Jess---unnie, wait, I haven't---"

"And you won't." Spoke Taeyeon, putting herself in front of Jung Yonghwa who was about to follow Jessica and Seo Joohyun. 

"Don't you get it?" Said Taeyeon to Jung Yonghwa once the girls had left the hall of the restroom. "Stop approaching Anna."

"I'm sorry but I just wanted to---"

"Meet up with her." Taeyeon finished his sentence. "Yes, I know. Our manager said your manager had been trying to set up a date for you and Anna." Taeyeon eyed Jung Yonghwa carefully. "But listen to what I have to say: Stop whatever you have in mind for you and Anna. She won't meet you. She can't. Can't you see you're putting her and both our groups in danger?"

"I never meant to cause harm to anyone." Said Jung Yonghwa in his defense, a fury within him was starting to rise.

"The media is looking for a scandal and you meeting with Anna here is just the perfect scandal. I'd have understood if you two wanted to meet up in a private place, but even then it wouldn't work out right now. And you know it."

Before Jung Yonghwa could give a response, Taeyeon turned around and left the hall.

It wouldn't work out, Jung Yonghwa had heard that phrase a lot of times, hearing it from the leader of SNSD didn't lessen his hopes.

He couldn't take Seo Ann-ah out of his mind, and now, after meeting her, Jung Yonghwa couldn't take Seo Ann-ah out of his heart.

Author's Note: I'm sorry for not making this chapter as hilarious as I promised it would be. I've been pretty busy at university these past five days, and yesterday I was becoming ill (fever). For anyone who might be interested, I have a twitter account where I spazz (a lot) about YongSeo. 

Twitter account: @Minamostaza

I'm really sorry for not giving you the chapter I promised you all to write. Next update will probably be this Wednesday or Saturday. Sorry, again, for changing the dates of the chapters. Thank you guys for reading this story. Your comments always make my day. ;)
Title: It's you: My lost and found fated love.
Chapter: Three
Pairing : Yonghwa & Seohyun (YongSeo)
Genre: (AU) Romance and angst.
Rating: G
Summary: What would have happened if Seohyun had never joined the entertainment industry. Yonghwa and Seohyun found and lost each other once. A second chance is all they have in their side. And fate.

Chapter Three:

IT HAD BEEN TWO MONTHS since Jung Yonghwa had sent that birthday message to the girl he couldn't stop thinking about. Jung Yonghwa was laying on bed, taking a rest from his so packed schedule. He was thinking of her as he always did. He hadn't officially met her yet, his manager hyung had been doing everything to introduce Seo Ann-ah to him. But so far Jung Yonghwa hadn't had any luck. 

He and CNBLUE were doing great with promotions for "I'm A Loner". Their song was a hit not only in South Korea but also in some Asian countries as well. He felt happy about it, but he didn't feel complete. Although "I'm A Loner" was such an amazing song, he wish he could have written the main single for CNBLUE. He wrote songs for the album, too, but none of those had been picked to be the single of the album.

Jung Yonghwa had a lot on his mind, mostly everything was related to CNBLUE, but there was one thing he couldn't stop thinking about.

Every day. 

Seo Ann-ah, the girl he saw for the first time at the library.

Jung Yonghwa sat on his bed, checking his phone for any messages he might have missed. There was none. Seo Ann-ah hadn't replied to him. He understood it, of course. She didn't know him. Jung Yonghwa didn't expect her to know him by the drama he acted on before debuting in CNBLUE: "You're Beautiful"

Jung Yonghwa put on his earphones and started playing his favorite songs he hadn't listen to in a while. He laid in bed and let the songs consume him. At the same time, his phone started to ring, but he wasn't listening. 

The name of the person calling him appeared on the screen of his phone: Seo Ann-ah.

At the same time...

Somewhere in Seoul...

Seo Joohyun was picking up some fruits and vegetables from her mother's store she worked on to take home. She put them in a bag and closed the store. Today had been a very good day. People have come and have brought a lot of fruits and vegetables today. Seo Joohyun was happier with every customer she attended at the store. All the money she received today would go to the rent and other things she and her mother needed to pay monthly.

"Omma, I'm home!" Said Seo Joohyun as soon as she arrived home. She went to put the food she brought in the kitchen and found her mother and the principal of her school looking at her. Seo Joohyun almost let the bag of food fall to the floor.

"Hello, Seo Joohyun." Said the principal, Ms. Misun. Seo Joohyun stopped dead at the doorway of the kitchen, holding on to the bag with all her might. 

"Principal Minsu." Said Seo Joohyun, still shocked to find the principal of her school here, at her home. And her mother was also here. 

Oh no, thought Seo Joohyun; I'm in trouble.

Indeed, Seo Joohyun was in trouble. Principal Minsu had told Seo Joohyun's mother her daughter had stopped going to classes two months ago. Seo Joohyun's mother was surprised and upset at her. Principal Minsu said she had been calling every day to know what happened to Seo Joohyun, but no one had answer the phone. Seo Joohyun confessed she had disconnected the phone cord. At this, her mother got even more upset. 

"I'm worried about her." Principal Minsu told Seo Joohyun's mother while looking straight at Seo Joohyun. She couldn't look up to see the principal, she felt too guilty to do that.

"I didn't know she had been missing classes..." Spoke in a low tone Seo Joohyun's mother, her eyes huge in surprise. Her Joohyun loved going to school. She loved it there. What had made her stop going? She hadn't even said a word about it. She had lied to her.

"She has. I'm surprised you haven't noticed, Mrs. Seo." The words 'Mrs. Seo' made Seo Joohyun's mother flinched. She didn't want to hear about the father of her daughter anymore, but here was Principal Minsu calling her as 'Mrs. Seo'. The pain she felt two months ago returned.

"I'm sorry, I didn't." Apologized Seo Joohyun's mother, trying very hard not to break down in front of Principal Minsu. "What can we do now?" She asked. Principal Minsu looked at Seo Joohyun, who was all the while listening carefully to her mother and the Principal talking. 

"Seo Joohyun. Can you give your mother and I some time to talk in private, please?" The Principal asked. Seo Joohyun looked over at her mother, who was just as upset with her as the Principal.Seo Joohyun nodded and made her way out of the house.

She went to the park near her home and sat on one of the free bench there was. She couldn't stop thinking about what her mother and the Principal of her school might be talking about in that moment. She felt guilty for skipping school, but she took a decision when her father abandoned her and her mother almost three months ago. They needed the money, Seo Joohyun just couldn't go to classes while her mother did nothing but cry in her room. So she took over her mother's job and started working everyday in her store. She liked it there. Interacting with people was nice and she loved recommending people what vegetables were the most fresh to buy.

Seo Joohyun got lost in thoughts. Her eyes watched how some little kids run after each other, playing in the park, enjoying themselves. Seo Joohyun wished she was as happy as them. She wished she could go back to the time where everything was right in her world. She sighed and leaned her elbows on her knees as she watched the beauty of childhood running around in front of her eyes.

It was after some minutes that she noticed some people watching her from afar. At first, she thought they were two parents watching over their child in the park, but the woman and man that were sitting in a bench, ten meters away from her, continued staring at her. Not only did they watch Seo Joohyun, but they were also murmuring something. 

Seo Joohyun turned to her side and frowned. Those strangers were looking at her, studying her from afar. She didn't like it. She didn't like it one bit. Just as started walking to leave the park, the strangers were approaching her. Seo Joohyun started walking faster but it did not help, because just when she was reaching the getaway of the park, a man came out of a tree, shocking her when he reached for her wrists.

"What are you doing? Let go!" Seo Joohyun screamed when the man started dragging her to the tree where he came from. "No--!" She started screaming but was covered in the mouth with a handkerchief.

"Shhh." The woman who was following her, alongside the other man, was suddenly in front of her telling her to remain quiet. One man was covering Seo Joohyun's mouth, while the other was checking if people might come this way where they were hiding behind an old and big tree.

"We're not here to hurt you, if that's what you think." Spoke the woman standing in front of Seo Joohyun. She had short black hair and pale skin. She was wearing a black outfit just like the two men there with her. They looked like they've came from a funeral, Seo Joohyun thought.

"We'll explain the reason why we've approached you if you don't scream or run for help once we uncover your mouth," Spoke the woman again. "Okay?" 

Seo Joohyun's heart was racing too fast in her chest, her mind was filled with thoughts about running and screaming for help, which was exactly what this woman, this stranger, had asked her not to do. 

Ottoke? Thought Seo Joohyun, Ottoke?

"Okay?" Repeated one more time the woman. Seo Joohyun didn't know what else to do but nod slowly. They were three against her. There was no way she could run away from them. Seo Joohyun nodded once more and with that, the man covering her mouth stepped aside. Seo Joohyun was free at last, but she did not dare to move. She was brave but not stupid.

"What do you want?" Said Seo Joohyun, trying her best to remain unafraid, even though in the inside she was shaking badly. The three strangers looked at each other and then at her.

"We need you."

Three hours later....

Seo Joohyun was sitting in one of the dressing rooms at SMEntertainment building. She still couldn't believe she was here, in one of the biggest entertainment company in Asia. Never in her life would she had imagined being in this place, a place made only for artists. She blinked three times at the mirror she had in front of her. Her reflection greeted her back and she felt like crying and laughing, both actions at the same time. The clothes she was wearing, the make up she had on, everything she saw in that mirror was not hers except for the body.

When the three strangers approached her in the park, she thought she was going to be killed or kidnapped. Never would she had imagined those strangers were actually SM scouts searching for new talents in the streets of Seoul. She was more shocked when they made an offer to her. There was money, a lot of money, involved in this offer. Seo Joohyun and her mother needed the money, that was the only reason why she accepted the offer. She didn't want to be kicked out of her home for not paying the rent of the house at time. She and her mother deserved better. 

Seo Joohyun stood from the chair she was seating and looked at her body reflected on the mirror. The white dress she was wearing was beautiful, so beautiful Seo Joohyun was enticed with it. She had never wore such a gorgeous dress in all her life. The dresses she wore were all pretty but very simple. She liked that style, but this dress made the rest of her dresses look like they were not worth wearing them.

This white dress ended in the middle of her tights, exposing her bare legs to the world. Seo Joohyun had never wore a mini-dress before. She felt shy yet beautiful wearing this dress that exposed not only her legs but also her shoulders.

Seo Joohyun blushed. She was wearing a mini-dress that exposed a lot of her skin. She didn't feel uncomfortable but she did feel timid.

Will people like me? Would they like what they see? Seo Joohyun wondered.

And more importantly, Would they notice the difference? 

She quickly shook her doubts and fears away. Now was not the time to regret anything. She took on this role when the SM scouts found her and made an offer she had accepted.

For tonight, she wasn't Seo Joohyun.

She was SNSD's Seo Ann-ah.


EC Ceremony...

Jung Yonghwa was ecstatic. He couldn't contain the excitement he felt inside. He started tapping the table, he was sent to take, with his fingers.

"Calm down, hyung." Spoke Lee Jungshin, the bassist of CNBLUE. "You are making me impatient, too." Lee Jungshin started mimicking his hyung, tapping the table with his fingers and shaking his head to the sides. Lee Jungshin was so good at making others realize they were annoying them with their actions. Jung Yonghwa stopped the tapping and gave a long sigh. His day was just about to get better.

"When are they supposed to arrive, Hyung?" Asked Kang Minhyuk, the drummer of CNBLUE. Jung Yonghwa looked at him, suddenly remembering that Kang Minhyuk and the reason why he was here had the same birthday.

"At any time." Answered Jung Yonghwa, looking over the door he and CNBLUE had entered through. The ceremony hadn't started yet, but they had arrived early since the staff had to arrange their instruments over the stage. CNBLUE had been honored to be invited, they were going to sing live for today's performance. This wasn't just a simple performance. This was Seoul's XXI music ceremony. This was a ceremony they've dreamed to perform in since before the group debuted. This was a special performance.

And she'll be here to see it.

Jung Yonghwa smiled. He was too happy, he couldn't hide it. He even made sure to look his best for tonight. He wore a white tuxedo and a white t-shirt underneath it. He couldn't wait for this night to start. He wanted to see her, she, the girl who had caught his attention when he saw her for the first time three months ago in a library.

"Oh, they're here." He heard Lee Jungshin saying. Jung Yonghwa stood from his seat and looked over the entrance.

She is here, he thought. She is here.

Jung Yonghwa's eyes were all over her, the girl who had entered the room along with eight other girls he couldn't look at because he was busy staring at this beautiful creature who had caught his attention since day one. A small smile formed on his lips. His heart started beating crazily against his chest. He couldn't contain the happiness he felt at seeing her here at the same place he was. 

This time, he wasn't going to lose track of her. 

This time, he wasn't going to wait anymore.

Tonight, he was going to talk to Seo Ann-ah.
Title: It's you: My lost and found fated love.
Chapter: Two
Pairing : Yonghwa & Seohyun (YongSeo)
Genre: (AU) Romance and angst.
Rating: G
Summary: What would have happened if Seohyun had never joined the entertainment industry. Yonghwa and Seohyun found and lost each other once. A second chance is all they have in their side. And fate.

Chapter Two:

SEO JOOHYUN STARED AT THE PHOTO she held in both hands. Her father stared right back at her, flashing a smile that could make one smile just by seeing it. She missed her father so much, this photo of him was the only thing left she had of him. Her mother had thrown all of her father's belongings away when he left home. Seo Joohyun got teary eyed. She kissed and hugged tight the photo of her father. 

"Will I ever see you again, appa?" Seohyun whispered while still hugging the photo. "Will I, appa? Will I?"

Tears started rolling down Seo Joohyun's face. She wiped them away with her wrist just before her mother came in her room.

"Joohyun, I'm hungry." Seo Joohyun turned around to find her mother standing in the doorway of her room. She was paler than a sheet. Her mother barely ate. Seo Joohyun always insisted she should eat, but her mother wouldn't accept any food. Even though her mother was with her at home, Seo Joohyun felt she was really somewhere else. She wouldn't eat and sometimes she wouldn't even sleep. Her mother would just lay in bed with her eyes red from crying too much the whole day. Seo Joohyun didn't know how to help her.

She didn't even know how to fix herself.

"We got some chicken soup, omma. It's delicious." Seo Joohyun looked at her mother hopefully. She knew her mother was far from recovering, but she saying she was hungry was really a start, and Seoo Joohyun wasn't going to lose this precious opportunity. They both went to the kitchen. Her mother sat on a chair while Seo Joohyun turned on the oven to heat the chicken soup. She felt a bit better now that her mother decided to eat. She wasn't back to her old happy self yet, but she was going to work very hard to go through these hard times to find her happiness back. 

I am going to get my happy ending, she thought while taking a plate in her hands, I promise.

FNC building...

"Hyung, I have to meet her." Jung Yonghwa said, begging for the third time his manager hyung to introduce Seo Ann-ah to him. "Please, hyung, I've never asked you for anything else. Just this one, please, introduce her to me."

"Yah! Jung Yonghwa! What am I now, cupid?" Answered his manager hyung, already tired of hearing Jung Yonghwa asking him for the same thing all week over and over again. 

"Hyung, please...It's important." Begged Jung Yonghwa one more time. He was desperate already. It had been a week already since he found out that the girl of the library was actually SNSD's Seo Ann-ah. He couldn't wait another day. He felt like meeting her right now. If only his manager hyung could help him...

"Didn't you hear what President Han say on the meeting before CNBLUE's debut? No dating. It is not allowed. You know it."

"Hyung, I'm not asking for permission to marry. I just want to meet her, that's all."

"And then what, Jung Yonghwa? You think I don't know what happens after you meet girls? They fall right on your feet and profess their undying love to you. So, no, you meeting Miss Seo Ann-ah, or any other girl for that matter, is not happening."

"But hyung--"

"I said no already. I'm not going to change my mind."

Yonghwa scowled trying to hold in the anger he felt rising up because of his hyung's answer.

"You know the rules, Yonghwa. Dating is not allowed right now--"

"Right now?" Yonghwa asked, his face suddenly lighting up after hearing his hyung's last words. "Because of the recent debut of CNBLUE, right? What about after some months later? Will the rules change then?"

His manager hyung frowned. He didn't want to upset Jung Yonghwa. He was such a good kid, always listening to his hyungs and looking out after his dongsaengs. He worked so hard day and night to do better for CNBLUE. Indeed, Jung Yonghwa was a good kid.

"Rules are made to follow them, Jung Yonghwa. Not to break them." Said his manager hyung. He was feeling sad for Jung Yonghwa who was just asking for nothing impossible...if he could only ask to date some months later and not exactly SNSD's Seo Ann-ah. The girl was SM's entertainment innocent image. There was no way Jung Yonghwa, or even FNC president, could go through that to get her. SM was very protective of SNSD. The girls didn't even have any love scandals. There was no way on earth Jung Yonghwa could meet Seo Ann-ah without SMentertainment trying to push him, and any other idol that didn't belong to SM, away.

Jung Yonghwa sighed. He fell silent and pensive. This worried his manager hyung more. With twenty years old, Jung Yonghwa was already such a good grown-up boy. Very intelligent also.The manager hyung sometimes didn't know if that was a good thing. Jung Yonghwa had tons of creative ideas, but sometimes, he used those ideas to do something unexpected. Unexpected things didn't always mean a good thing. His manager hyung suddenly panicked.

Jung Yonghwa was about to leave the practice room when his manager called him out.

"Yonghwa..." Jung Yonghwa turned around. His manager hyung looked like he was having a tough mental debate inside his head. Jung Yonghwa suppressed a smile forming on his lips.

"This girl...Seo Ann-ah. I can't guarantee you'll meet her but---" Jung Yonghwa flew to his manager hyung and hugged him before letting him finish his sentence. It was all it took to make him happy. Meeting Seo Ann-ah was all he needed to make his heart flutter.

"Thank you, hyung. Thank you so much." Jung Yonghwa said, still hugging his manager hyung with all his might.

"Yah, Jung Yonghwa! Stop it!" Said his manager hyung, although, he was very happy his dongsaeng was happy. It made him feel that not only he was doing his job in protecting the four boys of CNBLUE, but also making them feel happiness. 

"Hyung, you have to promise you'll introduce us, Seo Ann-ah and me. You have to promise it, hyung." Jung Yonghwa said, now looking at his hyung with hope and happiness in his eyes and those bursting cheeks of him that only appeared when he felt very happy.

"I haven't told you you'll meet her for sure."

"Hyung, please..."

"Ugh, okay." 

"Thank you, hyung." Jung Yonghwa threw his arms around his manager hyung again. Smiling like there was no tomorrow.

"If I deny you this, you'll be upset. And then you'll sulk and we can't deal with your sulking, Yonghwa. You know it and yet you use it to get whatever you want."

She's not whatever, Jung Yonghwa thought. She's special. I can feel it. And soon, I'll be able to meet her. My girl of the library, wait up for me.

A week later...

SMEntertainment building...

A girl in sport clothes was sitting on the floor, reading through some papers she had in hands. There was one paper in particular she was reading carefully. Her eyes went over the paper for four times already. She then picked a pencil and wrote down something on it. She pouted and threw back her head, stretching her hands and feet at the same time. She then proceed to lay on the floor with both arms wide opened. She made a mental note to tell her oppa he had to read the letters sent to her first. She didn't want to find any other letter of that same person who kept writing her such weird things. 

What times is it? She thought. Surely, they haven't forgotten about today.

The girl frowned, suddenly remembering they have told her they had schedules for this afternoon. Her mother had already called this morning. But after her, no one else had say anything else. Seems like everyone, except for her mother, had forgotten about today. 

The girl stood on her feet, leaving behind the papers that were sprayed on the floor to go outside the room.

They couldn't have forgotten, she thought while walking to the yard of the building. They were asking me all week what I wanted for today. They could not have forgotten, she repeated in her head.

Once she arrived at the yard, she went to sit on the swing the building had there. She looked up at the blue sky wishing everybody, who promised to get her presents, were there with her.

The girl remembered she left her phone in the room she previously came from. 

What if they are calling me right now? The girl thought and immediately left the swing to get her phone back. She went to open the door of the yard, but she couldn't. The girl frowned and, using all her strength, tried to open the door again. She failed. The door was locked. 

"What..." The girl tried one more time, planting her right feet on the wall next to the door to support herself and use all of her strength again. She failed once again. Someone must have been playing a trick on her. It was not funny, she thought.

Suddenly, she felt someone tapped her, lightly, on the back. She turned around fast and found the whole yard occupied by people she knew.

"Happy birthday, Seo Ann-ah!" They all screamed at the same time. Seo Ann-ah smiled, feeling not forgotten any longer. So they remembered. They hadn't forgotten about today, her birthday, after all. Seo Ann-ah run to her unnies, SNSD, who were all smiling and had a cake. 

"Happy birthday, Anna" Sooyoung, the one holding the cake, told her. 

"Unnies, you haven't forgotten." Seo Ann-ah smiled and threw her arms around Taeyeon and Tiffany. 

"Of course not!" Said Hyoyeon, who went to Seo Ann-ah to hug her as she was hugging her two other unnies. "You get mad every time we forget something. We wanted to surprise you, maknae."

"And surprised you we did, right Anna?" Said Sunny, doing little jumps and clapping as she patted Seo Ann-ah's back. 

"I don't like surprising events but it's okay. You didn't forget my birthday." Said Seo Ann-ah, making the SNSD girls feel suddenly uncomfortable. Yoona, who haven't yet say any words to Seo Ann-ah (besides happy birthday) threw a glance over to Yuri, who had her arms folded over her chest.  

"Does she always have to think only of herself?" Whispered Jessica who was right beside Yuri. 

"Looks like it." Whispered back Yuri. The two of them, alongside Yoona, had a forced smile on their faces. 

"It's her birthday. She can be she-devil for all she wants after all." Spoke Yuri one more time, making sure Seo Ann-ah wasn't wearing anything she and Jessica were saying.

"She always does what she wants." Jessica concluded.

Seo Ann-ah greeted the other people that were there present. Her oppas and unnies of the company were there with presents for her in their hands. She greeted them and took the presents to one corner. She felt very happy. Nobody had forgotten and they all have brought her gifts. 

I hope they're good, thought Seo Ann-ah. The music for her birthday party started playing. The yard became a dancing club with everybody singing and dancing to all the songs.

Seo Ann-ah was asked to dance by all of her oppas of the other groups of SM. She rejected them kindly, all the while thinking this party should have been better if they were in some place more elegant. She didn't care about what went on this party, so she said she'll go change her clothes and come back as soon as possible.

She never returned.

She went to the room she was before. She searched for her phone on her purse. When she found it, she opened the new messages she had. One was from her mother and the other was from a number she didn't know.

"Hello, Seo Ann-ah. I hope you have a fun and unforgettable birthday today. I wish you the best and may all good things come to you. Happy birthday, from Jung Yonghwa."

Seo Ann-ah read twice the message. She didn't know who this person was. She had no idea how this person had gotten her phone number. Her manager oppa couldn't have possibly given away her phone number to a stranger. He must have giving it to an artist.

Seo Ann-ah typed the name 'Jung Yonghwa' on the search bar of her phone. A million of results appeared on her screen. She clicked on one and found out exactly who this person was. Jung Yonghwa was a singer, actor and a model. He was actually the leader of the newest band that were making a lot of commotion in South Korea and Asia: CNBLUE.

Seo Ann-ah sat on the floor, looking through some photos and articles of him. He was not bad, really. He was good looking. Seo Ann-ah had some fan-boys from the entertainment industry, but none of them pleased her. They were always talking about her when reporters asked them who was their ideal type. Seo Ann-ah was tired of hearing those idols saying her name and mentioning how much their hearts flutter at the sight of her. She didn't like them, and neither their compliments. She had to lie and say she felt honored of hearing such good things those artists say about her. 

They don't even know me. How can they like me at all? Wondered Seo Ann-ahh. 

Seo Ann-ah kept going through some interviews of Jung Yonghwa. He hadn't mentioned her name at all when the media had asked him about his ideal type. Seo Ann-ah was suddenly curious about him. 

She thought about answering his message. But, at the end, she didn't. She would find out more about this Jung Yonghwa later. She had some presents to go through first. And those letters that person kept sending her.

At the same time...

Somewhere in Seoul...

Seo Joohyun smiled while watching her mother eat the cake she had bought from her favorite store. 

"Is it delicious, omma?" Seo Joohyun asked as her mother ate the sweet potato cake she picked up today. Her mother looked at her and smiled back.

"It is." She said. "This cake is delicious. I might want some more later." 

"There is enough goguma cake for this week." Joked Seo Joohyun while picking up her fork to eat the piece of cake she had on her plate.

"Haven't you invited your friends over for today?" Asked her mother, surprised when Seo Joohyun shook her head and smiled a sad smile.

"They are busy, omma. I might save some cake for them but I'm afraid I won't be seeing them until next week." Her mother stopped eating when Seo Joohyun announced their friends were not coming today. 

"But I have you here, omma, with me. That's enough for me. Having you with me is all I want, omma. It makes me happy." Seo Joohyun's mother wanted to cry right there and then. After two weeks of not feeling nothing else but pain, the love her daughter felt for her hit her in her heart like waves. Seo Joohyun was such a beautiful kid. She couldn't lose her. No, she just couldn't. She started eating again, smiling at her precious daughter with all her heart. 

Once they finished eating, they went to the living room to watch some TV. Seo Joohyun had decided not to work today in the store. It was a special day, after all. And she had decided to spent it with one of the people she loved the most on earth: her mother.

They sat on the small couch they had in the living room. Seo Joohyun went through some channels, until she stopped when she got through a news channel. They were announcing SNSD's Seo Ann-ah's birthday. Today.

"Omma." Said Seo Joohyun, turning to look up at her mother sitting by her side. "Hyomin keeps saying she and I look alike." She then pointed at the screen of the TV, where some of Seo Ann-ah's photos were showing. 

"What do you think, omma. Do you think SNSD's Seo Ann-ah and I look alike?" Before Seo Joohyun knew it, her mother had gone from the living room. She heard a door closing and flew to her mother's room only to find it locked. 

"Omma." Seo Joohyun called out. She started hearing her mother weeping inside the room. 

"Omma..." Whispered Seo Joohyun. Her mother was crying. And she had shout her out. Again. Seo Joohyun felt like crying. What have happened to make her mother sad one more time? Had she said something? Done something? Seo Joohyun didn't know. Thirty minutes later, Seo Joohyun went back to the living room. She laid on the couch she and her mother had shared a while ago. The news of SNSD's Seo Ann-ah's birthday kept appearing in all the news. Seo Joohyun's eyes were on the screen of the TV but her mind was somewhere else.

What have made her mother sad? 

Today was Seo Joohyun's special day. Today was her birthday and she was sad. She went to her room but not before seeing a picture of Seo Ann-ah on the news. It was really a coincidence they both look alike and had also the same birthday.
Title: It's you: My lost and found fated love.
Chapter: One
Pairing : Yonghwa & Seohyun (YongSeo)
Genre: (AU) Romance and angst.
Rating: G
Summary: What would have happened if Seohyun had never joined the entertainment industry. Yonghwa and Seohyun found and lost each other once. A second chance is all they have in their side. And fate.

Chapter One:

JUNG YONGHWA COULDN’T STOP staring at her. He was engrossed in looking at this girl. He was totally absorbed; he didn’t notice the traffic light had gone from red to green three times already. He stood there in the sidewalk, across the library where this girl was reading a book. There was a coffee shop next to it, the coffee shop he had in mind to visit since he left FNC building. But here he was, unable to cross the street to the place he wanted to go, correction – to the place he didn’t want to go anymore because of the girl his eyes couldn’t move away from.

This girl, at first sight, wasn't beautiful, Jung Yonghwa thought the second he saw her. 

He was waiting anxiously to get some coffee into his system. He had been working so hard and so much in composing new songs. When he finally understood inspiration for his newest song wasn't coming his way, he decided to take a break. And coffee. Coffee always cheered him up.

So he went to find the source for his excitement in a coffee shop, but instead he found this girl. This girl who was no beauty queen, but made him stopped in the middle of the street anyway. Jung Yonghwa couldn't exactly tell what it was, what and why made him stop to look at her from across the street where he was. The girl was reading a book. She seemed so concentrated in her book. Her big eyes sparkled in interest. She looked cute in those red glasses she was wearing. And that pout she suddenly made with her rosy lips made Jung Yonghwa smiled

She was pretty, he thought. It was her eyes, black like a raven's wing, sparkling like a diamond. She wasn't wearing any make up on and she didn't need to. Her milky skin and soft black curls in her head made her look like a doll. A pretty doll who used no make up and even then she still looked pretty.

She was pretty, indeed. And he a fool for not realizing it sooner. He blamed it on the lack of sleep he's had ever since he came back from the States two months ago. Jung Yonghwa hadn't had a full night of sleep since he returned from Boston, where he lived with his older brother for about three years. He wasn't coming back to Seoul, he made that final decision a long time ago, but then he got a called from FNC. He was accepted in the company he applied for. FNC wanted Jung Yonghwa. He couldn't believe it when his brother told him the news after he returned from the school where he gave guitar lessons. He was finally a member of a South Korean entertainment company. His dream, to be a musician known by many, was one step closer to become true. He just needed to return to his country: South Korea.

And so here he was, in one of the streets of the so busy Seoul, standing in a place he no longer remembered the name of and staring at a stranger. 

A pretty stranger, he corrected himself. 

Jung Yonghwa stood still where he was. A few minutes passed before he decided to cross the street and face the library this girl was in. His steps were small and slow, like the ones of a child afraid of scaring away the butterfly that has stopped from flying to rest. He didn't know what made him move and get closer to where this girl was. It was strange, this pull he felt towards a stranger. But he couldn't stop it even if he tried. And he tried. He thought about turning away and go to the coffee shop next to this library, but his body and mind just couldn't ignore the ache he felt about leaving this girl behind. 

Is my lack of sleep making me do stupid things now? He asked himself. He shook his head and decided to do what he felt like doing: Going to this girl.

Inside the library...

Seo Joohyun was so engrossed in her reading. Time flew away so fast, she was shocked when she checked the hour in the clock of the library. Four hours have passed since she arrived. 

It's been four hours already. Will they still be fighting? Seo Joohyun wondered. She leaned against the old love-seat, resting her back at last. She had her eyes over the book she still held in both hands, but her concentration was interrupted when she thought about the things that must have been going on at home while she was here at the library. She felt guilty for always running away when the chaos started at home. Every day her parents fought. They shout and screamed at each other, they even threw some small furniture at each other. Seo Joohyun couldn't understand why her parents fought so much to the point of wanting to rip each other apart with their own hands. She didn't like it one bit. She was terrified whenever her father wouldn't answer her mother's questions. It was then how all their fights started. Her father would arrive home and her mother would start poking him, asking questions he just didn't bother to answer. Once their fights started, Seo Joohyun would fly away from home. She couldn't stand seeing her parents hurt each other like that. They didn't even acknowledge she was the only witness of their every day quarrel. Her parents didn't know it, but she hurt inside. Seo Joohyun hurt inside and she didn't know how to fix it. 

Seo Joohyun sighed. If only she could have a time machine, she'd go back to the time she and her parents were once a happy family. She closed her eyes for a second and when she opened them again she found a guy standing awkwardly near the love-seat she was sitting. She would normally look away, Seo Joohyun was not the kind of person who stared so freely at strangers. The funny thing was, she could have sworn the stranger wanted to tell her something. But he looked away as soon as their eyes met, turning his head to the side and looking at the group of people that had just entered the library. Seo Joohyun thought this guy belonged to that group and that he had come to ask her for the love-seat she occupied at the moment. 

Seo Joohyun looked back at the guy, but his head was still turned the other way around. He's shy, she thought, just like I am. She had been in that seat for four hours anyway, so she thought she could leave the love-seat and let this guy and his friends take it. She smiled and started packing her book in her backpack, all the way praying her parents had stopped fighting already. Would they be mad? She wondered. If they notice I'm not at home, would they be mad at me?

Suddenly, her phone rang. Seo Joohyun jumped from her seat, surprised when she saw the name of the person calling her: Her mother. She stood still, a million thoughts run through her mind. Her mother could be mad. Mad at her for leaving the house without saying so. Mad at her for leaving the house without permission. After all, Seo Joohyun was only 17 years old, still a minor. She threw her book into her pack and closed it as fast as she could. She didn't answer the call. She couldn't. Not in a public place where everybody could be looking and hearing. 

With the phone on hand, Seo Joohyun stood, ready to walk out of the library and fly to her house. She took one step and then she was on the floor. Seo Joohyun fell on her butt, her hands went automatically to her sides to support herself, making her phone fly in the air.

"Oh I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Seo Joohyun was brought on her feet by two strong hands she felt on her small waist.

This is just my day, she thought while searching frantically with her eyes her missing phone. She didn't even look up to see who was the stranger that bumped into her. She didn't have the time because her phone rang one more time. Her mother. She had to go home now. 

"It's okay." Seo Joohyun said without looking up. Her mind was somewhere else and even though her butt hurt, she couldn't lose another minute in this library when her mother needed her at home. She found her phone under a table, she grabbed it and bowed to the stranger that made her fell on the floor. Without looking back, Seo Joohyun flew from the library to her home.

She didn't even take a look at me, thought Jung Yonghwa, his eyes were glued to the door from which the pretty girl went through.

After some minutes passed, Jung Yonghwa finally decided to sit on the love-seat the girl had used. He sighed and leaned against the seat. He came to the library to face the girl, to maybe talk to her one way or another. He didn't mean to bump into her and made her fall on the floor.

Tsk, Jung Yonghwa, you just ruined it. He chastised himself. Now what impression would she have of you?

But she didn't even look at me, he thought. That was just bad. He wanted to start a conversation with her. The moment his eyes found hers, he looked away. He couldn't even made eye contact with her. He was so nervous like a schoolboy. He was nineteen, for God's sake, how could he still turn shy? 

An hour passed and Jung Yonghwa was still in the same love-seat. Why? He did not know, but he was hoping the girl might return. And so he waited. He waited an hour, two, three. He would have waited another hour but one of the employers of the library told him they were about to close. 

Jung Yonghwa left the library and sighed once he was out on the streets. Would he see her again? How about tomorrow? He suddenly felt like a stalker, but this ache he felt was eating him alive. He had never felt this feeling, this ache of losing something precious. He made up his mind and promised, looking up at the moon, that he'll soon see this pretty girl again. 

And so Jung Yonghwa went to the same library the next day, and the next after that, and the next. Jung Yonghwa spent two weeks going to that library after finishing his rehearsals with his band. CNBLUE was set to debut in one week, he had to focus. And he did. Every time he rehearsal, he was focused on what he was doing. He focused on singing and playing the guitar at the same time. His band-mates, Jonghyun, Minhyuk and Jungshin were always giving him compliments on how well he played the guitar and how he just nailed every song with his voice. Jung Yonghwa was happy. He truly was, but after every rehearsal he would think of the pretty girl with the red glasses and the book he lost sight of two weeks ago. He wondered what she was doing. Maybe reading, he thought and smiled.

Would I ever see her again? He asked himself that question while packing his guitar. That day after rehearsal, Jung Yonghwa stopped his visits to the library. His debut in CNBLUE was nearing. He never stopped thinking about her, though. 

A week after the debut of CNBLUE, one of his cousin from Busan visited Jung Yonghwa. He congratulated his band-mates and him for the great debut they made in South Korea. Everyone in Busan were anticipating the boys to show up in music shows. Jung Yonghwa took his cousin to a coffee shop where they talked about his family and his friends that lived in Busan.

Jung Yonghwa was telling his cousin a story when, suddenly, his cousin stopped him and pointed at the TV in one corner of the coffee shop.

"Soshi is coming back." His cousin said, grinning from ear to ear.

"What?" Asked Jung Yonghwa, who didn't have a clue about what his cousin was saying.

"Soshi. They'll be making their third comeback in a week." 

Jung Yonghwa stared at his cousin as if he were talking an alien language.

"Don't tell me you don't know who they are!" Exclaimed his cousin. Jung Yonghwa wasn't understanding a thing coming from his cousin's mouth.

"Soshi. As in SNSD. Girls' Generation. Does that name ring any bell to you?" 

"Oh, yes. SNSD. I've heard of them when--"

"You've heard of them?" Stopped him his cousin mid-sentence. "They are the nation's girl group, South Korea and Asia's favorite girl group and you said you've heard of them? Yah, Jung Yonghwa, where the hell have you been living?"

"In Boston, but I do---"

"Shh." Stopped him his cousin one more time. "Watch and listen." He said while pointing to the screen of the TV.

Jung Yonghwa turned around, bothered his cousin was making fun of him for not knowing some girl's group name.

On the TV, the newest MV of SNSD was playing. The song "Genie" had all people, of different ages, with their eyes glued on the TV. Jung Yonghwa followed what they were doing and concentrated on the MV. To say concentrate was an understatement. This girl group had a lot of members. Jung Yonghwa had heard of SNSD, of course, but he never saw a photo of them or heard a song. His studies and the guitar lessons he taught in Boston consumed all of his free time. And when he was finally back in Seoul, he didn't have much free time either since he had to practice hard for his debut. So SNSD was a group he heard of but didn't get the chance to see them in photos or watch their MVs. 

Indeed, SNSD was a beautiful girl group. Their songs were catchy and their singing and dancing skills were great. They were charming, thought Jung Yonghwa while watching the MV. They were----

It was her. The pretty girl of the library he found four weeks ago. Jung Yonghwa couldn't believe it. The girl he lost fours weeks ago in the library was in a group. A famous girl group, he corrected himself when he saw the audience that had gathered in the coffee shop just to see SNSD's MV.

It was definitely her. It was those same big black eyes and black curls. She had make up on. Jung Yonghwa had met her with no make up on. Her baby face was still there even though she had on make up. She was wearing angel wings on her back. And also some hot pants. That was probably one of the things that had the male audience in awe: the hot pants. Jung Yonghwa stood from his chair.

"We have to go back to the dorm. I need to talk to my manager-hyung."

"What? Yah Yong-Yong," Called him out his cousin by his old nickname when Jung Yonghwa exited the coffee shop. "Why now? Is it urgent?"

"Yes," shouted Jung Yonghwa while running to get a taxi. His cousin followed behind. Once they found an available taxi, they got in and went straight to CNBLUE's dorm, all the while Jung Yonghwa was thinking about the girl he lost and found one month after he last saw her in the library. He couldn't contain his happiness and so he smiled. He was truly happy. Now that he found her, he would never lose her again. Never again.

Somewhere in Seoul...

"Seo Joohyun, we miss you at school. Why aren't you coming back? Please, call me..." It was the fifth message Seo Joohyun received since she left school a week ago. Her friend, Hyomin, was worried about her. She understood her friend's feeling, she did, but she just couldn't go back to school when her mother needed her the most. Her father had abandoned them two weeks ago. Seo Joohyun couldn't blame him, the fights between him and her mother were getting too aggressive. Seo Joohyun cried every night in her room. She felt alone. Her two special people in this world hated each other. She couldn't stand it anymore. And neither her father. He left home and never called back. At home, her mother was still mad her father left. The first week, her mother was angry and found any opportunity to yell at Seo Joohyun, blaming her for everything that went wrong at home. The second week, her mother was a mess of tears. She couldn't stop crying and it made Seo Joohyun cried even more. Her mother's suffering hurt her as much as it did to her. 

Seo Joohyun left school and started working at her mother's store, selling fruits and vegetables in the market that was near her home. She worked every day, from seven in the morning to six, and even eight, in the afternoon. Her father had left them with nothing but the house they still had to pay the rent of every month. Her situation got worse when the every-month bills arrived home. She had to pay the rent of the house and the gas, and her mother didn't have any money saved. Seo Joohyun used all she had saved in her life, which wasn't much, to pay for the rent. Still, she need more money if she didn't want to be kicked out of her home. So she decided to work, since her mother was doing nothing but crying every day.

Seo Joohyun left school without saying a word to her friends and the principal of her school. She started working on her mother's store. Every morning, she'll leave home at six to go and work and would return home at seven. She didn't like the situation her mother and she were in, but she had taken on a big responsibility here and she wasn't just going to fail. On Monday of next week, she finally decided to visit her friend Hyomin. She told her everything that happened to her and her mother. Her friend cried and so did she. Some hours later, Seo Joohyun told her she had to go home and see how her mother was doing. Hyomin called her an angel. Seo Joohyun smiled a sad smile and shook her head. 

"I'm not an angel. I'm a daughter worried for her mother." 

Hyomin told her to wait for her, she had something to give her. She went to her bedroom while Seo Joohyun waited for her in the living room. The TV was on and the song she heard every day, on the market where her mother's store was located, made her take a look at the TV. It was the newest MV of SNSD's "Genie". The song was catchy and she had already memorize the lyrics of it after hearing it every day. If only I could have a genie, she thought.  

"You look like her." Seo Joohyun turned around to see her friend standing in the doorway of the living room with a package in her hands. 

"Who?" Asked Seo Joohyun.

"Seo Ann-ah." Answered Hyomin, raising her blonde eyebrows. Seo Joohyun turned around to face the TV and watch the MV again.

"You think so?" said Seo Joohyun, her eyes not leaving the girl, Seo Ann-ah, her friend was talking about. It was true, maybe? Seo Joohyun and the singer looked very much alike. But Seo Joohyun didn't think so. There was no way she could look like that beautiful singer.

"I swear, sometimes I felt like I was talking to that singer while talking to you. You two are like twins."

"We don't look alike." Denied Seo Joohyun.

"You do. The only difference is that she uses make up and you don't. You still look beautiful without make up, really, but sometimes I wonder how you'll look with some make up on your face, and when I wonder that, I just had to look at that SNSD girl."

"Don't lie, Hyomin." Said Seo Joohyun smiling. Her friend was giving her a huge compliment. To say she looked like that beautiful singer was too much. 

"It's true." Hyomin turned to look at her Seo Joohyun in the eyes. "Are you sure you're an only child?" 

Seo Joohyun laughed out loud. Her dear friend was so funny. And a little crazy. But she loved her anyway. She hugged Hyomin and told her she was the best friend she ever had. Her eyes went to the screen where SNSD's MV was playing. Seo Ann-ah and her did look alike, it was a wonder people didn't confuse Seo Joohyun with Seo Ann-ah. Should she try some make up on? Seo Joohyun smiled.

She was definitely not SNSD's Seo Ann-ah.